I want to take a few moments and try to communicate a calendar for moving back into “In-Person” services.  Our public Worship Service launch will be May 24.  I know this is not a perfect solution and will not satisfy everyone but with counsel I am trying to take the overall health of our fellowship into consideration. This will be a slow launch so we have time to learn and maintain best health conditions.

As we begin to reintegrate I want to encourage everyone to do what is best for your personal health and to consider what is best for those we will encounter.  

            Social Distancing   -  maintain 6 foot distances
            Face Masks - Encouraged
            65 and older / health conditions - consider staying home
            Hand washing regularly
            Wiping down surfaces after use - especially bathrooms and seating
            Not feeling well - Stay Home!!!

No Children’s Ministry or Nursery “In-Person” until further notice.
No “In-Person” VBS - Amy is working on a Virtual VBS 
Wednesday    May 27      6:30 pm    Live (sanctuary) / On-line

Sunday       May 31           8:00 am    Worship (based on space needs)???
                                                 9:15 am    Limited Adult  SS - Contact Teacher
                                                10:30 am   *Worship In Person / On-Line
                                                 6:00 pm    Prayer Meeting

*We are encouraging individuals to follow the Governor's guidelines based on age and health conditions.  Please do what is best for you and for others you will be in contact with.

June and July will continue as posted above with ongoing evaluations and changes as necessary.

Things to expect:
    Pews marked for use for social distancing - please follow guidelines.
    No offering plates will be passed.  Please drop off on your way into the sanctuary.

    Invitation / response time will be offered in a different form.
    No touching or close talking - social distancing is the new normal.
    No food or drink provided by the church.
    Video services will be provided for those unable to attend. 
    Overflow room will be available to view Facebook Live if sanctuary fills up.  
    No nursery or children's church.

Looking forward to seeing you and may God bless you and keep you healthy and useful to His kingdom.

Pastor Roger