Donations have been received in memory of those listed:

Who can apply? 

All three of these criteria must be met:

  1.  Active members of Calvary Baptist Church in Greenfield, IN
  2.  Active members of Calvary Baptist Church Sunday School in Greenfield, IN
  3.  High-School graduating senior planning on attending college or technical school

When to apply?

A graduating senior can submit their application from March through May 15th during their senior year.

Scope of Scholarship

  1.  Scholarship divided in no more than three consecutive semesters
  2.  Amount of scholarship will be determined by committee
  • ​​​​​​Original award will be repeated for two semesters if recipient meets eligibility 
  • After first semesters scholarship is awarded, the recipient must maintain a "C" or "2.0" average to maintain eligibility the next two semesters

Applications are to be submitted via the form below, or in writing to a member of the Scholarship Committee or the church office.

The Scholarship Committee consists of Susan Holifield, Kim Edison, Bud Spangler, Chad Duncan, and Sara Kirlin

- Don Lakin

- Judy Caudell

- Ester Morris

- Harold Suddarth

- Jerry Pyles

- Janet Ferguson

Memorial Scholarship

This Memorial Scholarship has been established to honor those who have been a great witness to their families, church, and their community by showing the love of Jesus Christ in their life.

- Donna Phelps

- Estell Morris

- Sara Overby

- Robert Orr

- Janet Bradway

- Stan & Beth Jones

- Blanche Hollars

- Doug McAlister

- Creola Blevins

- Elaine Knight

- David Hankins

- Ken & Elsie Lobb

- Kenny & Peggy Butler

- Charles & Helen Martin

- Russell & Thelma Burton

- Linda Willet

- Gene Polk